Hello, I'm Yibo

My academic roots lie in Industrial Design, but my curiosity and commitment to addressing pressing issues led me to a path less traditional.

During my graduate studies, I discovered the pivotal role of technology in shaping solutions, prompting me to explore an eclectic mix of design disciplines, including UX, UI, and XR. This varied approach has empowered me to tackle real-world challenges through multifaceted design projects, truly exhibiting the impact of design beyond aesthetic appeal.

Today, I'm passionately seeking opportunities in product design, where I can leverage my diverse expertise to craft solutions that resonate with the user, the market, and the world.

Uptown Consortium

In this project, we designed a VR experience to illustrate the future of MLK and Reading Road, forecasting the next decade's technology and mobility integration. Collaborating with Uptown Consortium, Inc. and various stakeholders, I co-led a workshop to gather expert opinions, targeting enhanced transportation connectivity.

Boeing Studio

A multi-disciplinary project sponsored by Boeing, During the 15 weeks studio. We envision the future of flight in 2030 and beyond. Through future projection, trend analysis, and multi-level prototyping, many concepts were produced, One of the designs I worked on is currently in the process of being patented by Boeing.

Future Mobility Lab

I work in the lab as a research assistant. The lab collaborate with key industry and academic partners who share a passion for the future; to co-create innovative proposals that address real-world opportunities and improve the quality of life through mobility.